Polakril 100% acrylic solid surface which is used at the production of the kitchen countertop is an acrylic solid surface material and is made from 35%-40 PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) resin filled with %60-65 ATH (Alumina Trihydrate) and other specialized formula to give it the timeless beauty and quality.


Polakril, a high-tech product produced in sheets, is used at the production of bathroom countertop and can be produced in 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 mm thickness, as the standart dimension 76*368 cm and 100*300 cm. Also special length of sheets can be produced.


Polakril 100% acrylic solid surface with non porous and nonabsorbent structure is used as a wall sealing and is a material of construction not allowing fungi and truffle.


Polakril is used to make acrylic kitchen countertop and can be cut with carpenter machines.


Polakril of an acrylic structure can be used in the application of “L” shape kitchen and bathroom countertops also thickening of front without a trace.


Polakril can be shaped by heat treatment and can be used all kinds of architectural projects like ‘’columm covering’’as a surface coating.


Polakril, which is a solid structure made from PMMA and special additives, is a material that does not change color over time in kitchen and bathroom environment.


Polakril which is an acrylic solid surface does not absorb any liquid, has dirt-resistant, is not affected from lemon, vinegar, weak acids and bases, and gives perfect hygiene because of its formula.


Polakril produced in shape of sheet the property of not allowing dirt and bacteria is used in the intensive care unit in the hospitals.


Polakril produced 100% acrylic resin sought all kinds of use and aesthetic kitchen and bathroom counters, marine craft, such as yachts, commercial centers, airports, office stands, mono block, dirt-repellent feature of the design is the product of a sought after and unlimited color options.


Polakril as a decorative material which has solid structure is the same properties at the every point because of this it can be renewed.


Polakril sheets of an acrylic structure do not contain any surface coating, and do not similar to the natural stones.